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Meeting Steve Balmer

I have worked for Microsoft 8 years and have never met Steve Ballmer.

I always joke and say that if I were to leave the company I would request an exit interview just so I could meet him face to face and say the things you always want to say to a top-executive like Steve such as, "how do I get your job?" (ha!).

Recently I was invited to a Catalyst ( conference in New York where the awards dinner was sponsored by Microsoft and hosted by Steve Ballmer.  I was supposed to have access to the VIP cocktail reception and get to meet him and 50 other top executives in the US.  I had even bragged that I was going to return with a photo of me and Steve chumming it up over cocktails and that I was scheming something like spilling a drink on him so he wouldn’t forget who I was.  Unfortunatlely the lovely people at the Waldorf Astoria ( directed me to the wrong room and, alas, I missed my claim to fame with SteveB himself.

However, not all hope is lost.  I’ve had my first virtual encounter with SteveB!  It’s all very exciting.

One of the amazing benefits I receive as a Microsoft employee is an amazing infrastructure to support employee initiatives.  One such initiative is Women@Microsoft (W@M, pronounced "wham") that aspires to attract, develop, educate and retain talented women at Microsoft.  As such I have been able to launch a chapter of W@M on our Silicon Valley Campus.  I feel very proud that my efforts have been recognized and I was features for "Employee Excellence" on our campus web site.  The funnest part is that I appear right next to a picture of STEVE BALLMER during one of his visits to our campus.

Here’s a picture!!

We’ll see if I ever get to blog about my in-person encounters with Steve himself.

Maybe I’ll invite him over for Passover next year.


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