Is Planful a real word?

I was sitting in a re-org meeting today when the person answering the "rude Q&A" said that we need to be "planful" about what we’re doing as we approach how we work in the new organization.  Fairly certain that "planful" was not a real word, I consulted the web to verify my thinking.  I first went to wikipedia to see if the web had made the word "planful" a "wikiality".  While many variations on the word "plan" were returned, even wikipedia turned up no result for "planful".  I then did a search on the word "planful" with my trusty little Windows Live Toolbar and, to my complete delight found this page:

Link to It Ought To Be Simple: Manuscripts

Hysterical that I am not the only one suffering from this ridiculous business-speak.  This is as annoying as adding the prefix "super" on everything as in, "I’m super-excited about the opportunity we have with this new organization."

There are days where I feel like corporate America is making me dumber and dumber.  This is total proof.

Screen shot of the Windows Live Toolbar searching for the defintion of planful

Screen shot of the Windows Live Toolbar doing a "definition" look up of the word "planful"



  1. Rachel said

    planful, adj.Etymology: [< PLAN n. + -FUL suffix. Compare earlier PLANLESS adj.] Definition: Full of or rich in plans; characterized by planning; organized, systematic.Quotations: 1877 J. S. BLACKIE Wise Men Greece 6 "By planful wisdom overawed."1905 G. T. LADD in Child & Relig. iii. 133 "The active planful imagination which develops so early in the child."1931 K. BURKE Let. 16 Feb. in K. Burke & M. Cowley Sel. Corr. (1988) 193 "And the new room, as I come back to it after several months..verges upon the architecturally planful."2004 Marin (Calif.) Independent Jrnl. (Nexis) 16 Aug., "Let\’s take a minute to look at the situation and then act in a planful way."(Oxford English Dictionary)

  2. I am glad I was able to find this information (thank you Rachel). I too was not sure about the word ‘planful’ being a real word. Now i am sure.



  3. Drew said

    I came across the term “value-engineering” today while reading a business report. Talk about annoying business speak!

  4. Marlen Mori said

    My new principal used this word in our retreat last week and I felt much the same way. I finally typed the word into Google, and boom, you and Rachel have the answer! Thanks to you both 🙂

  5. Jane Klaus said

    When I first heard this word i was sure it wasn’t a real word. I googled the word and got your blog. :o)

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