Commentful. Not a real word, but a real service.

Recently, I worte about the word "planful" and it’s reality, as a word.

Ironcially, Mike Torres blogged about a web service named, of all things, COMMENTFUL.  While not a real word, Commentful seems like a really useful (no pun intended) service.

Commentful actually

"watches comments/follow-ups on Blog posts, Digg submissions, Flickr pictures, and many other types of content. Whenever there is an update, such as a new follow-up or comment, Commentful notifies you instantly".

Commentful gets way more useful when I add it as an RSS feed to my homepage.   Since is my dashboard for all information that I like to view the web adding a commentful "block" to my page allows me to take quick account of threads I like to track and if there is anything new that I would want to read.  The screen shot below shows how I can hover on a my blog and see if there are any new comments that I should read.

That’s freakin’ sweet!!

This actually make my experience better in so many ways: I can track updates from one place, I don’t have to remember to go to sites and check if there are updates, I don’t have to add each site as it’s own block on my dashboard (saving me room on my home page and the time of sorting through what is new).  I’m sure the list will grow as I continue to play with this.

All I can say for now is that this is great and I hope to see more.

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