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Winter is here.

Today is the first day of rain for the season.  Winter came on fast and just in time for that "holiday feel" after Halloween.

We have had lots of great celebration to start it off too!

Friday we went to Critical Mass.  I don’t think I’m underestimating to say there were probably 2,000 people there.  Friday was a particularly bad day for me as well and this mass made all my cares go away.  It was truly something special.  Here are some videos from that night.
Video: San Francisco Critical Mass – Halloween
Video: San Francisco Critical Mass – Halloween
Video: San Francisco Critical Mass – Halloween 2006

Saturday we went to Sara’s birthday party/Halloween party (she’s a Halloween baby).  Rob was Siggy Stardust and I was J.Lo (an unlikely pair, but we made it work <wink>). It was a great way to live-down the last of her 20’s and there were some amazing costumes in our group.  Can’t wait until next year, the big 3-0!

Sunday we had a visit from some new neighbors that arrived from Boston!!  Of course we only let them in because they had a 6-pack of IPA!! No, really, they’re both really cool and it’s sad that we won’t be around longer to get to know them better.  Actually, Jeremy is a kick-ass graphic designer looking for work.  If you have any leads, let him know.  Of course, we had lots of advice for them! <wink>

Monday we went to our annual pumpkin carving party at Toby and Robbies.  Every year the pumpkins turn out so good and this year was no different!

Tuesday we dressed up and gave candy to the kids in the neighborhood.  This was our fist time doing it after 3 years in our apartment.  That would have been the highlight of the night had Chip and Jen not come over for steaks.  It was an awesome evening.

Happy Halloween!!


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