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Click for the Cause

This week Microsoft launched “Click for the Cause”, a campaign which raises awareness of the world’s 9 million refugee children and offers us all an opportunity to contribute to an education fund for these refugees.  

Any searches you do online using between January 17 and March 31, 2007, Microsoft will make a contribution to All contributions benefit to support educational programs for refugee youth.  This worldwide campaign is available in 23 markets. is a campaign lead by UNHCR to promote education and sports to refugee children worldwide.  Microsoft has a seven year relationship with UNHCR which began during the Kosovo crisis when employees built a registration database for refugees.  Both Microsoft and OSG have been involved in the campaign since it launched in June by hosting the site, setting up a space and now with the Click for Cause campaign. 


You can also become a friend of ninemillion by visiting the Windows Live™ Space at

Searching for a way to help? You’ve found it.

Support by using Live Search. Each time you search here until March 31, 2007, Microsoft will make a contribution to, a UN Refugee Agency-led campaign providing educational resources for the nine million refugee youth around the world.


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Pay it forward

Good karma is flowing people, and I’m feeling it just like I did after watching the movie!

Two nights ago, when the snowstorm hit Seattle I was leaving work around 7:00 PM.  There was a guy who had driven over to the campus where I work and wasn’t going to be able to drive his little 2-seater BMW the two blocks back to where he came.  He was soliciting rides from everyone on his way out of the building.  I had to go that direction anyway, so I told him he could hitch a ride with me. 

We pulled out on to 148th and were presented with full gridlock.  We decided rather than to go straight, we’d divert traffic by making a left on 51st to get on 520 and then get back off on the 40th Street exit.

Aside from almost getting hit by a guy shooting out of the Chevron stations, this choice was a blessing.  On the way up the 40th Street ramp there were people waiting at the bus stop to go home.  I knew that if I was taking the bus that day I would have praying for a cab to pull up offering free rides – so that is what I did.  I pulled over hoping to pick up some carpool meat and do some people a favor by getting them out of the cold.  I would find out later that this would pay off hugely.

I managed to get BMW-guy close to his building and made a really jerk move by making a u-turn in the middle of 40th (don’t ask me how I actually pulled that off).  And then me, Alison from Microsoft legal, and a dude from Nintendo (who was also obsessed with Metallica) set off to Seattle.

Unfortunately for MC, we passed this wreck on the freeway, although I think at this point everyone had abandoned ship by then.

There was a minor slow down to get around the bus, and with the help of the carpool lane, and lovely non-stop stories about Metallica concerts, we arrived in Seattle by 8:00 PM.  Pretty much normal commute time – unbelievable.

And the best part of the story, Alison from legal tracked me down today and brought over a bottle of Pinot Noir!  Thank you Alison!

It pays to pay it forward.

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I’m a published photographer! Sort of.

Actually, both Rob and I are published photographers (except I got all the credit).  Here’s the scoop:

Earlier in December Rob and I were on a walk along the Marina Green and noticed, as we frequently do, some people setting up for an event.  We stopped and asked them what the event was for and they told us it was a fundraiser cycling event for breast cancer put on by George Hincapie and Robin Williams.  We couldn’t believe that another amazing event was happening right in our back yard!

Relationship between our place in San Francisco and the race starting point.

Rob woke up early the next morning to scope out the scene.  It was a small, low-key event and he was there early enough that he got to hang out with George, Rob and some of the other riders before they set out and before the crowds showed up to register.

Rob with George

Rob with Robin

He also got some other great shots.  One of which was the guy from interviewing George.  The fact that there is a web site called Pez Cycling News that is not created and maintained by Rob is crazy in itself.  Even more crazy is that I submitted the picture that Rob took to the guys and Pez Cycling News and they published it an article and credited me with the photo!  Now, me, Rebecca Pezely (Mrs. Pez) is a published photographer on Pez Cycling News!

Note the credit on the lower-right of the image. View full article.

Between this and the The Knot magazine, I hope all this fame doesn’t go to my head! <wink>

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We’re in The Knot Magazine!

Our wedding photographer, Carol Lundeen, submitted us to the Knot Magazine for the spring issue for the Boston area featuring "Real Weddings".  We just got copies in the mail a few days ago.  It’s very weird to see yourself in a magazine!

You can see our article here:

Now all our family and friends are famous including Fiona who is credited as my makeup artist (which she totally deserves given that she’s done makeup for all of her friends who were brides)!

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