I’m a published photographer! Sort of.

Actually, both Rob and I are published photographers (except I got all the credit).  Here’s the scoop:

Earlier in December Rob and I were on a walk along the Marina Green and noticed, as we frequently do, some people setting up for an event.  We stopped and asked them what the event was for and they told us it was a fundraiser cycling event for breast cancer put on by George Hincapie and Robin Williams.  We couldn’t believe that another amazing event was happening right in our back yard!

Relationship between our place in San Francisco and the race starting point.

Rob woke up early the next morning to scope out the scene.  It was a small, low-key event and he was there early enough that he got to hang out with George, Rob and some of the other riders before they set out and before the crowds showed up to register.

Rob with George

Rob with Robin

He also got some other great shots.  One of which was the guy from http://www.pezcyclingnews.com interviewing George.  The fact that there is a web site called Pez Cycling News that is not created and maintained by Rob is crazy in itself.  Even more crazy is that I submitted the picture that Rob took to the guys and Pez Cycling News and they published it an article and credited me with the photo!  Now, me, Rebecca Pezely (Mrs. Pez) is a published photographer on Pez Cycling News!

Note the credit on the lower-right of the image. View full article.

Between this and the The Knot magazine, I hope all this fame doesn’t go to my head! <wink>


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