Pay it forward

Good karma is flowing people, and I’m feeling it just like I did after watching the movie!

Two nights ago, when the snowstorm hit Seattle I was leaving work around 7:00 PM.  There was a guy who had driven over to the campus where I work and wasn’t going to be able to drive his little 2-seater BMW the two blocks back to where he came.  He was soliciting rides from everyone on his way out of the building.  I had to go that direction anyway, so I told him he could hitch a ride with me. 

We pulled out on to 148th and were presented with full gridlock.  We decided rather than to go straight, we’d divert traffic by making a left on 51st to get on 520 and then get back off on the 40th Street exit.

Aside from almost getting hit by a guy shooting out of the Chevron stations, this choice was a blessing.  On the way up the 40th Street ramp there were people waiting at the bus stop to go home.  I knew that if I was taking the bus that day I would have praying for a cab to pull up offering free rides – so that is what I did.  I pulled over hoping to pick up some carpool meat and do some people a favor by getting them out of the cold.  I would find out later that this would pay off hugely.

I managed to get BMW-guy close to his building and made a really jerk move by making a u-turn in the middle of 40th (don’t ask me how I actually pulled that off).  And then me, Alison from Microsoft legal, and a dude from Nintendo (who was also obsessed with Metallica) set off to Seattle.

Unfortunately for MC, we passed this wreck on the freeway, although I think at this point everyone had abandoned ship by then.

There was a minor slow down to get around the bus, and with the help of the carpool lane, and lovely non-stop stories about Metallica concerts, we arrived in Seattle by 8:00 PM.  Pretty much normal commute time – unbelievable.

And the best part of the story, Alison from legal tracked me down today and brought over a bottle of Pinot Noir!  Thank you Alison!

It pays to pay it forward.


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