Click for the Cause

This week Microsoft launched “Click for the Cause”, a campaign which raises awareness of the world’s 9 million refugee children and offers us all an opportunity to contribute to an education fund for these refugees.  

Any searches you do online using between January 17 and March 31, 2007, Microsoft will make a contribution to All contributions benefit to support educational programs for refugee youth.  This worldwide campaign is available in 23 markets. is a campaign lead by UNHCR to promote education and sports to refugee children worldwide.  Microsoft has a seven year relationship with UNHCR which began during the Kosovo crisis when employees built a registration database for refugees.  Both Microsoft and OSG have been involved in the campaign since it launched in June by hosting the site, setting up a space and now with the Click for Cause campaign. 


You can also become a friend of ninemillion by visiting the Windows Live™ Space at

Searching for a way to help? You’ve found it.

Support by using Live Search. Each time you search here until March 31, 2007, Microsoft will make a contribution to, a UN Refugee Agency-led campaign providing educational resources for the nine million refugee youth around the world.


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