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I met Keri Russell!!!

OK. Those of you who know me well know that Felicity is my all time favorite television show.  I basically stopped watching TV when the show went off the air.  One of the best all time gifts I have ever received was the entire DVD collection of Felicity that my husband gave me (one season at a time) for Chanukah.   

So, last week, we were in the San Francisco airport for a flight to New York.  We were traveling to visit with family and taking our typical Thursday evening red-eye.  We got to the airport, got some food, and sat while we ate and read the paper.  After that, we decided to head over to the gate as it was around the time our flight would be boarding.  We got there and learned that the flight was delayed.  I decided to go to the bathroom which was about 50 yards away from the gate.  I had left Rob down by the gate and we agreed to meet back in that spot.  When I got out of the bathroom, he was standing about 20 yards away from me in the middle of the hall.  He was looking at me with a very funny face and beckoning me with a finger to come toward him.  I started to get worried as it seemed that something was wrong.  I walked up to him and he said, "don’t look, but Keri Russell is sitting over to your left."

I felt the blood rush to my toes and got a little dizzy.  I looked over to find Keri Russell, the last person I ever cared to see on television, sitting down 10 feet away from me (with her boyfriend) in real life.

I started the "oh my god, oh my god" thing, while Rob and I tried to pretend to be calm and decide what we were going to do.  Rob was completely thrown off by my lack of audacity to walk up to her and start having a conversation (which is something I would normally do).  Instead I was like a shy 5-year-old being told to hold the balloon on stage for the magicians next magic trick.  I was mortified.  Rob finally took the reigns and said, "I’m going over there." I had to follow.

Now we’re sitting in the same pod of chairs (left to right) me, Rob, Keri Russell, boyfriend.


We’re sitting there trying to pretend like we’re just sitting next to people on the street while Keri is eating some Mexican food and trying to be discrete and face away from us.  Meanwhile, Rob is trying to convince me that we should talk to her and I’m freaking out.  I’m not budging.  Finally, Keri finishes up her food and we’re all just sitting there.  Seconds later Rob leans over and says, "Excuse me Ms. Russell."

Keri immediately jumps and covers her mouth apologetically.

Rob continues, "I just wanted to calmly and discretely tell you that my wife and I really big fans of yours."

Keri starts apologizing about her burrito breath and is acting really kindly towards us.  She explains how they were in Big Sur and how they were up all night because her boyfriend got food poisoning.  We chit chat about Big Sur and how awesome it is.

Rob explains, "My wife has always loved your show, I bought her the DVDs as a gift and we watched them together and I really enjoyed the show too. 

That’s when I lost control, "Yeh, I stopped watching TV when they took the show off the air."

Keri gives an amused look, "Wow, that’s a long time."

Me, proud, "YEP!"

Rob, trying to bring the conversation back to normal, "We especially enjoyed watching the deleted scenes."

Keri liked that and said that she had never watched the DVDs before.

That’s when I went overboard, "Oh, the hidden scenes were the best.  They totally explain Elena’s death."

Keri replied, "Yeh, didn’t they have her killed by a bus or something.  I always thought that was ridiculous." 

Me, with an excited, hyperventilating teenage voice, "No – they totally explain how when you went back in time and saw Elena and told her not to go to Duke that she listened and then lived and that is how she was at the wedding.  That was totally missing from the last episode on television."

Keri now has a frightened look on her face as if I were a stalker.

Rob tries to save me, "All I know is when we tell our friends that we met you and this whole story of what we said, we’re going to be laughing hysterically."

We all laugh.

Keri excuses herself and goes to the bathroom.

I’m sweating and feeling horrified.

Her boyfriend was actually really nice to us and we talked about the east coast and other commonalities: he is from the Cape Cod area, we got married there, etc.

It was beautiful.

We immediately got on the plane and called Felicity fans #2, 3 and 4: Carey, Maya and Fiona.  It was awesome.

Just days later is this news announcement that Keri is pregnant.  I’m so betting this happened in Big Sur. <wink>!

‘Felicity’ star Keri Russell is pregnant

Actress and fiancée, both 30, expecting first child this summer

Keri Russell

Phil Mccarten / AP file

NEW YORK – Keri Russell, who starred in TV’s “Felicity,” is expecting her first child this summer, her spokeswoman said Friday.

Russell and contractor Shane Deary, both 30, became engaged last year, said Jill Fritzo, the actress’ publicist. No wedding date has been set.

She portrayed spirited college student Felicity Porter in “Felicity” for four years. The series ended in 2002.

Source: ‘Felicity’ star Keri Russell is pregnant – Celebrity News –


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9 years at Microsoft

Today is my 9-year anniversary working for Microsoft.

Rather than bring in 9 pounds of M&Ms (currently held tradition by many inside the company) I’ve decided to celebrate by listing my top 9 memories working at Microsoft:

  1. My interview
  2. Howard and Cam break dancing during the GBU all-hands
  3. Free "sammies" on Tuesday morning
  4. Moving MattBo’s office into the lobby
  5. Playing games at SVC lunch table
  6. Ric’s gorilla costume
  7. Racing cars at Sears Point
  8. Disney Land morale event
  9. I’ll always been the same age as the company (both born in 1975).

Ba’dump. Ching!

Thank you Microsoft.  It’s been a fun ride so far and I’ve learned a tremendous amount.

According to my relocation agreement, unless I want to pay back all the money, I have to stay here another year – which means I’ll get to see my 10-year anniversary in 2008!  Crazy.  I’m actually enjoying myself at the moment, so I’ll stay willingly.

To those of you who ever read this and haven’t been around as long and looking for words of wisdom, here are mine:

  • No matter how much I "work my ass off" my ass seems to get bigger (use your gym membership)
  • Every time I said that I’m leaving the company, I added 2 years to my tenure (seriously)
  • I’ll always be pissed that every intern got to see Bill Gate’s house and that I never did (dude, where is my invite?)

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