9 years at Microsoft

Today is my 9-year anniversary working for Microsoft.

Rather than bring in 9 pounds of M&Ms (currently held tradition by many inside the company) I’ve decided to celebrate by listing my top 9 memories working at Microsoft:

  1. My interview
  2. Howard and Cam break dancing during the GBU all-hands
  3. Free "sammies" on Tuesday morning
  4. Moving MattBo’s office into the lobby
  5. Playing games at SVC lunch table
  6. Ric’s gorilla costume
  7. Racing cars at Sears Point
  8. Disney Land morale event
  9. I’ll always been the same age as the company (both born in 1975).

Ba’dump. Ching!

Thank you Microsoft.  It’s been a fun ride so far and I’ve learned a tremendous amount.

According to my relocation agreement, unless I want to pay back all the money, I have to stay here another year – which means I’ll get to see my 10-year anniversary in 2008!  Crazy.  I’m actually enjoying myself at the moment, so I’ll stay willingly.

To those of you who ever read this and haven’t been around as long and looking for words of wisdom, here are mine:

  • No matter how much I "work my ass off" my ass seems to get bigger (use your gym membership)
  • Every time I said that I’m leaving the company, I added 2 years to my tenure (seriously)
  • I’ll always be pissed that every intern got to see Bill Gate’s house and that I never did (dude, where is my invite?)

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