N.Z. Couple Can’t Name Their Son ‘4real’

This is awesome!  What makes it so awesome is that back in March my family was visiting and we were sitting around the dinner table chatting and launching when my Dad revealed to us his latest "idea" (of which he has many – much longer story).  His idea was a book of baby names that all contained numbers.  We proceeded to convert all our names and family names into names that included numbers:

Name Translation Pronunciation
David DAV1D dav-one-dee
Becky 3ECKY three-kee
Carey CARE4 care-four
Mary MAR4 mar-four
Rob RO3 row-three

We made them for the rest of our family (cousins, aunts and uncles) and then vowed to only call each other and other members of our family by our "number names".  It didn’t really stick as well as we thought and mostly we thought my dad was nuts! 🙂

Turns out that, as always, Dad was right.  Classic!

FOXNews.com – N.Z. Couple Can’t Name Their Son ‘4real’ – Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment


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