Biking Fitness

Since moving to Seattle, I’ve discovered the bike trails here and have started biking home.  I try to do it twice a week.  My route is 22 miles and is on paved bike trail around Lake Washington.  It wasn’t until my 4th or 5th ride that I was motivated to track my progress.  I have now seen my first significant bump in my average speed and decrease in total ride time.  What’s most interesting to me is what sparked the jump.


Specifically, there was a point in my ride (around the 17/18 mile mark) where I would just hit a wall/burn out.  During that time my average speed would decrease from the 16/17 mph range to the 15/16 mph range.  I tried eating and hydrating better before my ride and couldn’t keep my speed up. 

That changed on my ride on June 19th.  A couple of cyclists passed by me right around the time that I normally feel myself fading.  I was able to hold my speed and fill in behind them.  It was a challenging pace and one that I could keep up with.  I was able to keep my average up riding with them for the last 3 – 4 miles for an average of 16.7 mph.  Apparently just experiencing that pace allowed me to figure out how to do it on my own.  To my surprise, on my ride 1 week later I was able to pull myself at 17.4 mph.

Today is my first time riding since that bump up and I’m curious to see how I do.


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