Eating Bugs

Since my first ride averaging more than 17 mph, I have held that consistently for 3 subsequent rides.  I believe it’s fair to say that I’ve hit a new level of bike skill and fitness.  My best average so far is 17.8 mph.  I’m now wondering how long it might take before I’m over 18! 🙂


One thing that might be helping is the number of bugs that I eat during the ride.  <wink>
Of all the benefits of being able to ride 22 miles of paved bike trail along the Sammamish river and around Lake Washington are the pools of tiny gnats that form along the trail. As hard as I try to breath like I’m swimming (head down and turn to the side for air), it’s inevitable that I will swallow probably 20 of those bugs during a single ride.  What’s more disgusting than feeling them hit the back of my throat is hearing them pelt like rain off of my vest.  It only re-emphasizes how big the swarm really is.  ICK!

This weekend I venture to more new biking territory and try out the Velodrome.
It’s an amazing facility in the beautiful and expansive Marymoor Park.  I’ve been there a few times now to watch friends race.  For $50 I get to rent a track bike and receive a lesson on the track for 5 hours. I’m most excited about learning the strategy of track riding and most afraid of having no breaks!  EEEK!


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