Not Bad for a Woman

The other day Rob and I were riding our bikes home from work. We frequently admire a particular house in our neighborhood that has a kid-sized zip-line running along the sidewalk between two large trees.

This particular day we noticed that they had re-paved and contoured their driveway to be a mini skate park for their kid and his friends.  When we rode by they were all on their skates and scooters rolling up and down the banks (I’m guessing they were 8 years old).  We stopped and told them how cool their driveway was and how lucky they were to have it.  They invited us to try it out with our bikes.  We partook:

Rob went first and slowly rode in the mini-skate park, being a good example of safety.

I went next and slipped a little on the first mound but rode the other one smoothly.

We thanked them.  As we were leaving, the kid said to me, "you did pretty well for a girl."  His friend chided him for saying that and so he immediately tried to correct himself and said, "i mean for a woman."

Ah, that’s SO much better.  <wink>
I don’t even know how to react to that.  I can only laugh and then sigh.  Will it ever change?


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