In Boston, You’re Family.

Having grown up near Boston, and now living on the west coast, I’m consistently confronted with the "age-old" debate about East Coat vs. West Coast (west sieeeed! <insert white-girl finger gestures here>).

The generalization I’ve always made is this:

On the west coast people are really friendly and it’s really easy to approach a perfect stranger, but it’s not often that you ever get to a deeper friendship or relationships.  Natives, especially, aren’t that interested in bringing you "into their fold".  There isn’t a pervasive sense of community support, it’s a bit more isolating and a more of a "you do what you want, i’ll do what i want, and we’ll kindly stay out of eachother’s business."

Comparatively, on the east coast it’s really hard to make initial contact and people aren’t immediately that friendly.  But, once you’ve spent enough time with people to become friends, you’re as good as family.  You’re community will know you and support you and they’ll also know what time you take a piss and gossip about it no matter what.

I won’t weigh in on one being better than the other.  I’ve grown with both long enough to say it’s just different and this video says a lot about "my people back home".  On Disability Awareness Day a man, with Autism, was singing the National Anthem at Fenway and go the giggle.  The Boston Community rose to the occasion:

The phrase, "It takes a village" comes to mind.
Love you Boston.

Thanks Maureen for sending this.


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