Can you call “Banana” on your life?

So, my sister and I have this thing with IKEA.  We get tricked into going there on occasion for various reasons: need to revamp a room, just moved and need some new things for the new diggs.  Whatever the case, we always thing IKEA is a great place to go. And then we get there….and we’re lost in the maze of IKEA – spending way too long in each of the floor model rooms – we’re filling our cart up with random things and we’re not even sure why we’re adding them.  We make our way through the entire warehouse with carts full and get to the checkout line.  Then there is the pause before getting in line.  A pause long enough to have the thought, "what the hell am I doing will all this stuff?"  We had this feeling all along while shopping and felt like if we persisted on something good would come of it. But, no.  At that point, we usually look at each other and, in synchronous motion, abandon our full carts in line and walk out the door.

We’ve recently coined this event with the term "Banana".  That means, if you’re out shopping, particularly at IKEA and you’ve got that feeling (your cart filled with absolutely nothing you really need but somehow tricked into putting in your cart) you just announce "Banana!" to your shopping partner and that is the code for "get the heck out of here and go to a place of serenity not anywhere near here".

The other day my sister called me and asked "Can you call ‘Banana’ on your life?"

Too funny.  I wish.



  1. Ann said

    That is a great term!  Bed, Bath and Beyond is ripe for BANANAS!

  2. Becky said

    Costco too!

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