Why I’m Like Felicity

Recently, I leant MC my Felicity DVDs and I’ve been meaning to ask for them back.  And this got me thinking of my obsession with Felicity…and all the ways I’m like Felicity…and why Keri Russell and I should be best friends…well, we should be – right?  I mean, I did meet her in the airport when she was pregnant.  What else could it mean when I happen to meet the only famous person I know in the airport?  J.J. Abrams-style fate would say that we’re destined to be BFFs.

Anyway, if you know me at all, then you know that Felicity is my all-time favorite TV show and that I basically stopped watching television when they took Felicity off the air (though, admittedly, due to my allegiance to the brilliance of J.J. Abrams, I have picked up all 3 seasons of Lost on DVD – and I’m holding on Season 4 – so DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING. LA LA LA – I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!).

I think the reason I love Felicity so much is that the show somehow mirrored my life so much that I identified with it very deeply.  For instance:

1. If you morph picture of me and my sister together, it would look a lot like Keri Russell.






2. My best friend Fiona looks a lot like Amanda Foreman (Felicity’s roommate, turned best friend, Meghan Rotundi) and is much like the character of Meghan Rotundi (though she denies this part).

View space 

3. I had a Javier in college.

4. Rob (my husband) is basically Scott Foley and Scott Speedman



Scott Foley



5. My identity crisis in college involved an art major.

There’s a bunch more, but I’ll have to get to them later.

In the meantime, MC – I need my Felicity DVDs back!!  What’s up?  Are you hooked or what?


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